09 March 2009

Blood Ties The Complete Series DVD (2007)

The Canadians love their vampire television, and how could they not after the brilliance that was Forever Knight. The concept of Blood Ties is the middle ground between the crime fighting and vampire lore of Forever Knight (1992) and the supernatural soap opera, True Blood (2008), and is based on the novels by Tanya Huff.

Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) is a Private Investigator in Toronto who, while investigating the disappearance of Coreen Fennel’s (Gina Holden - Dale Arden in TV's Flash Gordon) boyfriend, meets Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), a vampire. By the end of the first story, Vicki has discovered that Henry is a nightwalker and that the world is populated by magic and monsters, and she employs Coreen, who has a knowledge and passion for the occult, to help her investigate what the police don’t understand. All of this confuses Vicki’s ex, Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal), a local detective who is suspicious of Vicki, Henry, Coreen and the supernatural cases they investigate.

Once the characters are established, the episodes break down in to the Night Stalker scenario of having a new monster/demon an episode, including vampires, zombies, elves and Pandora’s box. There is the expected sexual tension between the characters, and Henry’s character makes no apologies for being a vampire and feeling a little superior because of it. In one episode, Vicki stops by Henry’s apartment and catches him with yet another woman…
“I thought you were the Prince of Darkness, but it’s really more like the Lord of Lechery or something.”
“A man has to eat.”
“You don’t have to play with your food.”

It’s an enjoyable show, and the revolving cast of metaphysical creatures leaves it more room to move than the similarly themed Moonlight (2007).


Anne said...

Also interesting that the supernatural creature wasn't always the bad guy and sometimes the bad guy was human, and sometimes the supernatural had a problem Vicki and Henry helped solve.

I miss Blood Ties!


fabulous heretic said...

Excellent observations. The show deserved to be around longer.