14 April 2009

Against the Dark (2009)

A virus is sweeping across America turning people in to zombies / vampires / cannibals / something very similar to the victims in 28 Days Later. A group of survivors try to find a way out of a hospital, a very large hospital that has apparently been constructed as a labyrinth to prevent people form leaving. The military are doing their bit to sanitise the country of the infected while groups of civilians do their own cleansing. One such group is led by Steven “We're not here to decide who's right or wrong, we're just here to decide who lives and dies” Seagal (who is described on the DVD case as a katana master). Seagal’s team dress in leather and have a variety of bladed weapons for killing, which seems much more likely to lead to infection than shooting the undead. Most of the story focuses on the people inside the hospital and Seagal has little screen time (which is either due to the script or his ever expanding stomach and inability to move). It’s nice to see him branching out in to horror, but the film is derivative and boring.

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