24 February 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)

Keanu Reeves arrives on Earth in a large, glowing Chupa Chup as an intergalactic Al Gore to tell humans that we are destroying this precious planet. Keanu pulls out alien cliché number one, “take me to your leader”, before resorting to alien cliché number two, “all humans must die”, and unleashing his giant, CGI robot (known as Gort in the original movie). Jennifer Connelly and her annoying son, Jaden Smith, do their best to convince Keanu that humans really are nice people, despite evidence to the contrary, including the actions of ruthless, egomaniacal US Secretary of Defence, Kathy Bates.

The original film is a classic of nuclear war paranoia and there was little hope of this film competing on that level, but that doesn’t mean it is without value. The Global Warming angle makes it more modern, Keanu is less emotionless than usual (making him perfect to play an alien), Jennifer is appealing, Jaden Smith’s character is pointless (but since Will Smith wasn’t in the movie, another member of his family had to be), Kathy is brilliant, and the new meaning of the day the earth stood still is clever.

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