23 February 2009

Lost Boys The Tribe (aka Lost Boys 2) (2008)

Lost Boys is a great vampire film that would have been the vampire movie of 1987, had Near Dark not also been released that same year. It has taken a long time, but finally the coastal vampires are back, looking to party hard and drink some blood.

Siblings Tad Hilgenbrink and Autumn Reeser (relatives of the family in the original) arrive in Luna Bay where Autumn is lured in to the vampire gang of Angus Sutherland (half brother of Kiefer Sutherland who was a vampire in the original). Things are looking precarious for Tad until Corey Feldman arrives and, in his best Christian Bale Batman voice, introduces himself as, “Edgar Frog, surfboard shaper and vampire hunter”. Feldman, reprising his character from the original, has an array of tragically corny and laughable lines even more impressive than his vampire slaying arsenal. The fight is then on to save the girl, the town, and even the emo boy that likes Autumn.

The Tribe, like most modern vampire films, updates traditional vampire folk lore to add some modern variations. The night walkers surf, skateboard, ride motorcycles, and potentially like any extreme sport, and they can be killed with any pointy object, although the object doesn’t need to be that pointy. Sutherland’s acting is so wooden it would be annoying if there wasn’t enough happening around him to be distracting, including a horny, naked, vampire girl that tries to seduce Tad. The film can’t be taken too seriously, but neither could the original, and that is part of the Lost Boys magic.

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