30 September 2008

TV Heaven

Television is like music, there is plenty of it, most of it is drokk, but the good stuff makes it all worthwhile. As all the new seasons of our favourite shows begin to start, we at DVD Purgatory take a look at some of the better shows out now on dvd.

Point Pleasant
We all know that God had a son right ( no, not John From Cincinatti, the other one ), but did you know the Devil has a daughter? The series starts like the OC, but unlike that upper crust emo-lovefest, improves to be actually good within a few episodes, as the aftermath of the teenage Antichrist washing up on the beach is felt. This decade's American Gothic.

Dead Like Me
Surly Ellen Muth dies and is recruited by Mandy Potemkin ( er... I think you mean Patinkin. unless you're implying he's as big as a battleship these days, in which case you should either be more clear or less nasty in future- ed ) to join his emotionally challenged team of Reapers to escort the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Dry, black humour complete with teenage angst.

Battlestar Galactica
This is the nastiest show on TV, rivaled only by The Shield. Full of deception, brutality, desperation... and a thinly veiled metaphor for the U.S government and its various ongoing wars around the world. Nothing like the original, or any of the namby-pamby, future is bright and eventually we'll all get along, politically correct Star Treks.


Lexx is an organic spaceship crewed by an infatuated robot head, an undead assassin, a love slave merged with a cluster lizard, and an inept ex-security guard. But don't let that disuade you, it's actually weirder than it sounds. A little more twisted and adult than the likes of Red Dwarf or Quark. Series 1 and 2 are great, 3 is okay, but 4 is only for completists.

Dexter is a forensic scientist who likes to kill criminals at night. He is like Batman, but without the costume, moral restrictions, or young male companion. The most interesting aspect of the show is his constant struggle to appear normal and understand what normal people do. Sometimes popular shows are good. Just not often.

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