06 June 2009

I Know Who Killed Me

Mister J has a problem when it comes to text messaging. It has been said that his texting habit is like that of a teenage girl. Today tho, he uses texting (like the young people do on Twitter) to review a movie...

- Lindsay Lohan playing against type and appearing as skanky white trash...hmmm... what a stretch.
- Stigmatic twins? Twins who not only feel each others pain, but also manifest the same injuries??
- Twins separated at birth, after one was bought from her crack-head mom to conceal the death of a rich guy's daughter.
- And who told Hollywood that people want to see cute girls being tortured and having limbs removed?? What's that about?
- The bad guy lives in a creepy serial killer house. Why don't the cops just check out those places first?? In fact what happened to the cops in this film? And when the dust settles the killer is... wait, who was that guy again... oh right, him... I think... wait a second, that makes no sense at all!!
- The real villain tho, is obviously whoever green lighted this piece of crap.
- Somewhere, my stigmatic twin has been wondering why he's felt like he has been having his time wasted for the last two hours... leaving him both confused, and really pissed!!

On a personal note, the only thing I could think of that would be worse than Lindsay Lohan in a movie, is two Lindsay Lohans. - fabulous sebastian

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