24 June 2009

True Blood Season 1 (2008)

The world of True Blood is a world where vampires have gone public, in a storyline that mimics the equal rights issues of blacks (or any group seeking equal rights). The series is set in a small town in Louisiana, which allows redneck racism to be displayed. Vampires portray themselves as law abiding people who don’t kill humans because they can sustain themselves off a blood substitute. Some humans are sceptical, some are accepting, some even allow themselves be bitten, while others are “fang bangers” who allows themselves to be used in other ways.

The story centres on Sookie (Anna Paquin), a mind reading waitress at a bar who falls for Bill (Stephen Moyer), a vampire that moves in to the area. The interspecies affair is frowned upon and that is the focus of the series, in amongst murder, kidnapping, drug addiction (the drug being vampire blood), vampire lore, and a shape shifter. True Blood is a primetime soap opera, just with more killing and sex than most (even more than Melrose Place). It’s a raunchier, more aggressive version of Dark Shadows or Twilight. There are some good ideas in True Blood, but sometimes they are overshadowed by family melodrama. It’s good, but maybe not as good as the lower key British show with a vampire and a werewolf, Being Human.

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