16 June 2009

Push (2009)

Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) is a mover on the run from the Division, an evil government organisation that likes to experiment on the gifted and turn them in to super-soldiers. His life of reclusion and gambling in Hong Kong is interrupted when watcher Dakota Fanning (War Of The Worlds) comes knocking. Division and the Triad are soon on their tail with pusher Camilla Belle (10,000 BC) a potential ally.

Push follows on from The 4400, Heroes, Jumper, etc as a “realistic” portrayal of people with powers being chased by the government. A genre not to be confused with the more traditional superhero movies like X-Men and Hulk. In Push, people can see the future, move objects, manipulate the mind, scream destructively, etc. These people have cool names for their powers like “movers”, “watchers”, “pushers” and “sniffs”. It looks like the filmmakers’ wanted to give Push the feel of Bladerunner but, without the solid narrative, it’s just another film that doesn’t deliver on its potential.

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