15 July 2008

Urban Justice (aka Renegade Justice)

This may seem like just another Steven ‘Cockpuncher’ Seagal film, but the synopsis on the back lets you know this is even more ridiculous than usual. “Seagal is a father who happens to be a special forces trained, street fighting, nerves of steel avenger, hell bent on one thing: justice!”

Seagal occasionally hits a winner amongst the many, many films he releases, and this is one of them. If you have been looking for a remorseless vigilante since Charles Bronson from Death Wish passed away, then look no further. After the death of his son, Seagal moves in to a squalid apartment in a sleazy neighbourhood and starts killing people. Unjustifiable violence, funny insults, and a whole lot of Seagal looking fatter than ever. “Tell every motherf****er on the street they're not safe 'till I find the motherf***er who killed my son.” Word!

This film will make you wish you were Steven Seagal.